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The Unbeatable Power of Legacy.

When you’ve got to have the most productive power at the heart of your equipment, you need the industry’s leader, the Legacy Power System by Douglas. Featuring a full range of motive power batteries and chargers, Legacy by Douglas has the power you can depend on.


Legacy High Performance Battery

The Legacy High Performance Battery has significant design differences on this forklift battery that deliver unbeatable power. This battery ensures high voltage through its high performance plate design, without using a “hot” corrosive concentration of acid. At the same time, it provides consistent, durable capacity through amply pasted positive plates with cool electrolyte that is selected for long life and continued performance. The Legacy High Performance Battery provides excellent conductivity, especially during peak demand.





Legacy Low Maintenance Batteries

The Legacy Low Maintenance Battery, working in the normal operations of day to day services, will provide less watering frequency but should not exceed a 90-day watering interval. Due to varied use, operations and battery age, battery water intervals will vary.







Legacy Arctic Power System

Extreme Power for Cold Storage Battery Applications. The Douglas Legacy Arctic Power System has been specially designed to answer the needs of the most demanding cold storage and freezer applications. The Legacy Arctic Battery integrates the thick-plate Legacy High Performance Battery with a newly developed Arctic Electrolyte solution.




Legacy Battery-Charger Combo

The Legacy Walkie Combo is not only the easiest and most convenient solution for light duty walkie-truck applications, it's one of the safest battery and charger combinations on the market.









Legacy Fast Charge Battery

The Legacy Fast Charge Battery is taking the proven Douglas High Performance Battery to new levels, where situations demand higher current when charging the battery to meet the needs of a short term rigorous demand application.









Legacy Rapid Charge Battery

The Legacy Rapid Charge Battery where situations demand the highest current when charging the battery to meet the needs of short-term maximum-demand applications









Trojan Batteries


Deep cycle batteries, deep-cycle gel batteries, marine/RV deep cycle batteries, cycling AGM batteries, dual purpose AGM batteries. To determine the forklift battery needed please check out the product specification guide or give us a call.










Pallet Pro and Element 12 Volt Group 24/27 and 6 Volt Group 27 Deep Cycle Bloc Batteries


Valve Regulated deep cycle bloc batteries are designed for use in Pallet Pro systems, maintenance scissor lifts, wheel chairs, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV’s), golf carts, personal carriers, and other small powered electric vehicles.










Battery recycling


All batteries which cannot be salvaged are sent directly to a recycling plant. This ensures there is no damage to the environment.


Applied Energy Solutions


Workhorse Series 3

The industry's most technologically advanced and dependable heavy-duty charge for multi-shift applications requiring a full battery recharge in less than eight hours.








Douglas Battery


LEGAC2 modular chargers

Higher efficiency and lower costs.  Douglas LEGAC2 chargers deliver the high efficiency that reduces utility demand charges and AC consumption.

Watering Systems and Accessories

The battery watering system drastically reduces the cost of battery maintenance, easy to use, no guess work on watering level, enhanced battery life, increased safety and no mess.



Water Delivery Equipment


Aqua Sub or gravity fill. De-Ionizers, Direct Fill Gun, Direct Fill Link, Electrolyte Level Sensor.



We are a proud supplier of these major brands of Watering Systems and accessories:







Battery Safety Equipment


Let us help you keep your employees safe with our battery safety equipment from our safety expert supplier:




Battery Handling Equipment


Contact us for every aspect of your battery handling equipment needs. We work in close partnership with Materials Transportation Company



Parts for Batteries and Chargers


We can supply parts for all your battery and charger needs such as SB Connectors, Contacts, Cables, Cables, Vent Inserts, Caps and Shrouds to Diodes and Control Boards and more.

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Minnesota Industrial Battery, Inc.

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