Is your forklift battery holding up for an entire shift?

Do you notice a decrease in running time or your battery?

Do your employees know how to correctly water and charge your battery?

Do you or your employees know the OSHA regulations on motive power batteries?


How we can help


Eliminate downtime and maximize your productivity with fully charged and dependable batteries. Please check out our maintenance schedule which shows how we can extend your battery life with our industrial battery and charger services.


Periodic Maintenance Schedule Details


Forklift Batteries: Our technicians will perform detailed inspections.  All materials will be removed from the customer’s site.  A complete inspection of the batteries will be done to insure that all items are operating at maximum efficiency.

  • Inspect Cables
  • Read and record cell voltages
  • Check electrolyte levels
  • Confirm specific gravity of low voltage cells
  • Inspect SB Connectors
  • Inspect contacts
  • Inspect inter-cell connectors
  • Inspect posts and top covers
  • Inspect for missing safety shrouds
  • Neutralize and wipe clean


Industrial Battery Chargers:  Our technicians will verify that all AC and DC fuses are good and the ammeter is working properly.  We will inspect cables, connectors and contacts, and identify worn or damaged parts and recommend replacement, if necessary.  We will also verify the start rate and finish rate on all chargers.

  • Inspect AC/DC fuses
  • Verify ammeter operation
  • Inspect cables
  • Inspect connectors
  • Inspect contacts
  • Check start and finish rates


Safety Equipment: Our technicians will inspect for items that have been used form the emergency response kit, tag out supplies, and personal protective equipment.  Our technicians can replace any parts found to be defective on any eye wash equipment.

  • Emergency response equipment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Shower/ Eye wash operation
  • Tag out supplies


Miscellaneous Equipment


Forklift battery watering equipment:  Our service technicians will inspect watering systems from all major suppliers, including Battery Water Technologies, Flow-Rite, Philadelphia Scientific.


Battery handling equipment:  We will inspect all forklift battery handling equipment form major suppliers including Battery Handling Systems and Materials Transportation Company.

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